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#177 Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996, Doug Bradley, Valentina Vargas, Adam Scott, Clive Barker)

I mellandelen av vårt ”skräck i rymden”-tema har vi kollat in Hellraiser: Bloodline.

Handlingen: In the 18th century, a celebrated toymaker (Ramsay) is hired to create his greatest work, the Lament Configuration, not knowing that it will allow the summoning of the demon-like Cenobites, including Pinhead (Bradley) and Angelique (Vargas). Hundreds of years in the future, the toymaker’s descendant (also played by Ramsay), an engineer, has designed a space station that he believes can trap and destroy the Cenobites.

Rollistan: Doug Bradley, Valentina Vargas, Adam Scott, Bruce Ramsay

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